For a hassle free certification process contact us today. Our approach made simpler, faster and affordable!


Consulting guaranteed. For a hassle free certification process contact us today. Our approach made simpler, faster and affordable!

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TopCertifier is an internationally recognized ISO, CMMI, SOC, HACCP, PCI DSS, and VAPT Certification Consulting Company in Zambia. We are present in over 50+ countries with more than 4500+ projects. ISO Certification in Zambia acts as a seal of authenticity that ensures credibility to the companies in the eyes of public. Our Specialized team of ISO Consultants and Auditors in Zambia make the whole process Simpler, Faster, and Affordable with comprehensive and definitive solutions.






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Our hassle free certification process has been designed to assist your company to achieve certification in just 7 - 30 days of time.

TopCertifier is the one-stop solution for all your ISO Certification needs in Zambia. As a key ISO Certification Consultant in Zambia, we offer targeted certification services like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000, CMMI, PCI DSS, SOC, HACCP, CMMI, CE Mark & many more. We offer our services in 50+ countries, and within Zambia, we are present in all prime cities like Chipata, Kafue, Lusaka, Ndola etc. We cater to all the local and global requirements of our clients across all the major industries.

ISO Certification in Zambia helps a business to boom in ways that one cannot imagine. It improves all the aspects of the company's operations, product quality, service standard, and safety by implementing the best industry practices in your business infrastructure. As a result, this enhances your brand reputation, gains eligibility for various government and private tenders, meets standard requirements of your customers, statutory & international benchmarks.

Our emphasis is on adapting to changing environments, enabling us to meet our clients’ expectations. By focusing heavily on developing & empowering our people, we are confident we will continue to be relevant to the issues at hand and provide practical insight to help businesses and organizations to navigate through changing environments.

All our ISO consultants are certified lead auditors & industry experts. Our focus will always be on training & improving the bottom-line. With the right practices put in, certification is just a by-product.

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We have over a decade of experience. You always get the best guidance.

Our certification programmes have been designed to assist your company to maintain a high level of compliance in line with industry best practice.

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Mr. Vinay Kumar - Zambia

MG Vinay Kumar
Founder & CEO

MG Vinay Kumar

Founder & CEO

Mr. Vijay Boregowda - Zambia

Vijay Boregowda
Founder & CEO

Vijay Boregowda

Founder & CEO

Mr. Subhash Mashalkar - Zambia




Mr. Syed Usman - Zambia

Sr. Consultant


Senior Consultant



Depends on complexity of the business, number of employees, assets, working shifts, products, services multiple work locations and many such factors

General validity of an ISO Certificate is 3 years but certain Certificates have to be renewed annually.

TopCertifier provides the best consulting services for ISO Certification. We have completed over 2000 projects in 20+ countries.

Improved professionalism; simplified & efficient operational procedures; consumer safety, trust & satisfaction; enhances brand value; higher revenue & profit; international recognition

It depends on various factors like complexity of the business, number of employees, working shifts and so on. Usually companies can be ISO certified in a few weeks or a month.

The validation of ISO certification is for 3 years; from your second surveillance audit first check the expiry date on your ISO certificate when you are due for re-certification.

TopCertifier is one of the best and globally reputed ISO certification service providers. It takes around 7 to 30 days to get ISO Certification based on your company size. Our Certification process is hassle-free.

You can make the payment from any part of the world using online banking, or you can contact us for further payment process.



iso 9001 consultants in Zambia

TOP CERTIFIER Proved to be one stop solution for all recognized certification needs in efficient & professional way. We are glad & enjoyed dealing with thier highly experienced team who guided & supported us to achieve our goals

Marcelino Branzuela - Quality Assurance Manager
Muscat, Oman
Certification Benefits


iso certification
Get Certified

Brand Reputation

Are you looking for brand visibility?

You've got ISO to Get Certified Brand. Congratulations! Now put that brand certification to work in your favor. The more you Invest more will be the booster.

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iso certification
Get Certified

Tender Eligibility

Do you to be eligible for tenders?

A certification is a useful tool that adds trustworthiness, by explaining that your services or meets the guaranteed expectations of your customers..

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Get Certified

Go Global

Do you wish to go from national to global

As an owner of a business or a firm, you may think only large companies can land in the big tenders. But You can Score these Tenders with the right plans offered by ISO.

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